Hayward Iberica

Voice assistant (Google Assistant/Alexa)

One of our recent projects has been the creation of a personalized voice assistant for swimming pool control. Our client, Hayward Iberica, is a leading swimming pool and spa equipment manufacturer.

Among its range of products, the control systems for swimming pools stand out. These are capable of modifying key aspects for the correct operation of swimming pools, such as the level of chlorine dosage, filtration settings, lighting system and/or filter cleaning. These systems have a connection, thus allowing remote control of certain settings by owner and maintenance users through web applications and mobile applications.

From now on, the manufacturer expands its range of products and offers connected control equipment that incorporates the previously mentioned voice assistant. Available for both Google Assistant and Alexa in three languages ​​(Spanish, French and English).

The assistant can carry out tasks and/or actions such as:

  • “What is the temperature of the swimming pool at this moment”
  • “What is the chlorine level?”
  • “Set the pH set point to 7”
  • “Set filtration in automatic mode”
  • “Switch off the lighting”

In all cases, the assistant will guide us and give feedback for all the actions we carry out on the pool.

Main tools and solutions used in this project:

  • GCP
  • Functions
  • DialogFlow
  • Alexa skills

Girbau (Laundry Management & Connectivity)

Hybrid mobile application

Girbau is a world leader in professional laundry solutions for the industrial, commercial and retail sectors, recognized for its high level of innovation, quality and sustainability.

At Appex, and together with its R&D department, we have developed a hybrid application so that its customers can configure industrial equipment ‘in situ’ and safely using the Bluetooth® specification.

The QR code scanning solution stands out, displayed on the client’s own devices to guide them in the process of setting parameters. The application also integrates into your cloud solution. It retains the same security and user identification protocols, which translates into a better user experience.

We want to thank the work done, and the trust, by all the people involved in the project.

Main tools and solutions used in this project:

  • Ionic
  • Angular
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • MSAL

Sugar Valley

Hybrid mobile application

Sugar Valley is a Spanish company with more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of electronic systems for water treatment in swimming pools and industry.

For one of its latest products, the Salt&Swim2.0+ salt chlorinator, we have designed and programmed a hybrid application that uses Bluetooth® technology to configure and modify the parameters of the equipment.

Among the main functionalities that can be managed through the app, it is worth mentioning the ability to control both the filtration, lighting and disinfection of the pool.

Main tools and solutions used in this project:

  • Flutter
  • Dart
  • Bluetooth Low Energy

Cliente: Sugar Valley

App Android / iOS

Hayward Iberica

Cloud project

Hayward Iberica is a leading swimming pool and spa equipment manufacturer.

One of the most well-known products is a cloud enabled remote control system for swimming pools, capable of giving full control to end users and pool maintenance operators in key parameters to ensure an optimum water quality. Among those parameters are chlorine production, filtration scheduling, pool lighting and filter cleaning operations.

Appex has implemented and commissioned a complete infrastructure based on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) that allows the connection tens of thousands of pools to provide real time information about water quality. This system can be scaled without limit to allow Hayward a solid and stable growth in the number of connected pools.

To achieve such objective, Appex designed a system architecture based in the MQTT messaging protocol that allows a resource limited network hardware to share information to the cloud with the highest security standards, providing a reliable and robust connection.

Main tools and solutions used in this project:

  • IoT Core
  • Pub/Sub
  • Functions
  • Firebase / Cloud Firestore
  • BigQuery


Hybrid app + Web development

Fitlabs is an engineering company that provides technical solutions for the fitness industry.

Among the wide range of products and solutions offered to its clients, fitness equipment connectivity to cloud systems is one of the most relevant.

MyBodytone is one of the best-known implementations in the fitness industry. MyBodytone is a complete activity and training tracking system made available to final users of Bodytone equipment.

MyBodytone is made up of a hybrid web and mobile app, available for both iOS and Android.

Main tools and solutions used in this project:

  • Ionic
  • Angular
  • Firebase / Cloud Firestore

Cliente: Fitlabs

Web: MyBodytone


Web platform

Versa Design is an electronic engineering that covers both software and hardware solutions offering a complete turnkey solution for the development and manufacturing of electronic products thanks to its own electronic manufacturing capabilities.

Versa Design has some proprietary products as well, and one of those products is the VTRACK tracking device. This device is a GPS beacon with mobile connectivity targeting the tracking of industrial assets. VTRACK devices have a very long life, exceeding 10 years sending the position once per day, and operate with a global coverage.

Appex worked in close collaboration with Versa Design in the development of a web application that allows its potential clients to quickly test the operation of the GPS beacon and study its possibilities.

Main tools and solutions used in this project:

  • Vue.js / Vuex
  • Firebase hosting

Cliente: Versa Design


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