Hybrid and native apps

We design and create hybrid mobile applications, targetting both iOS and Android operating systems as well as high-performance native code solutions.
The performance improvement of hybrid solutions in the last years makes them a suitable option for certain applications. Hybrid applications have a shorter development time that significantly improves the time to market, a single development framework for several platforms and a lower development cost.

  • A shorter development time that improves the time to market.
  • A single development framework for multiple platforms.
  • Reduce product development costs.

On the other hand, native code applications are still required for certain solutions where performance is a must. A native solution is the best option when the application needs to get the most out of the device resources or when advanced device functions must be used. Native applications are also required when complete support of a range of product families is needed (Apple Watch, Android Wear, …)

At Appex we will analyze your product or service and we will advise you on the approach that best suits your needs.

Cloud enabled solutions

We implement solutions in generic cloud environments (AWS, Azure, GCP) or customized cloud implementation, covering all phases of the process.

Understanding the different types of cloud and what they can offer is essential to ensure a reliable and secure data flow.

Let us guide you to do the right choices in your cloud-enabled implementation and you’ll get a reliable and secure solution easy to maintain and manage.

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Web development

We integrate multiple solutions to create websites that runs flawlessly in a wide range of mobile devices (responsive design), maintaining a high degree of resource optimization in most popular web browsers.

We have extensive experience in implementing websites with dynamic content integrating external information systems or backends and offering fluid and intuitive navigation.


Whether you only have an idea or you already have a previous design, we focus on to key points such as the visual aspect or the user experience.

IoT (Internet Of Things) consulting

Whether you have an idea or a specific need for a solution that requires connectivity to the cloud, we can offer you support and resources with proven experience in this area.

In most cases it is not enough to have a good idea or an excellent good product. To achieve success in the project development several technical barriers must be overcome. Finding the right technological partner can become a complex task by the variety of companies that are either too big and slow down the entire process, or lack sufficient knowledge in specific issues.

Appex has a strong know-how in IoT development. This knowledge over the years working in collaboration with leading companies involved in the design of high-end electronic products.

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